Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust does amazing work preserving wildlife and Maasai culture in Kenya. We worked from static mockups designs provided by AECOM to develop a responsive website for MWCT.

CNMI Joint Military Training

All four branches of the US military will be engaged in a joint training exercise in the Canary & Marianas Islands; this site hosts the important environmental studies that happen before that occurs.

California State Parks

When this California state park expanded, there was a spirited debate about how to use the new land. We built this online interactive workshop tool to gather feedback about proposed plans.

Peterborough Renewable Energy

The UK city of Peterborough, outside London, is embarking on an ambitious plan to develop new city-managed renewable energy projects.

Southern New Mexico Joint Land Use Study

This simple responsive site is keeping residents of Southern New Mexico and El Paso informed about a new Joint Land Use Study for their region.

Doña Ana County

Doña Ana County, New Mexico is developing new planning tools to help their region grow.

Public Outreach Websites with AECOM

We work on a variety of sites with our partners at AECOM, for clients that range from the US Navy to humanitarian organizations like the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. These sites are usually public engagement tools, helping citizens stay connected to government projects, and helping them voice opinions about the future of their communities.

What We Did

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