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Brand New Box creates custom software for teams around the world. We're helping teams at small startups and the world's biggest companies leverage technology. And we'd like your help.

We operate at significant scale, but we are a surprisingly small team. We have a staggering amount of work ahead. That means you have an unprecedented opportunity to explore the intricate challenges of other industries and develop innovative solutions to their unique problems.

What Matters To Us Is What We Enable For Others

Our customers are the most resourceful teams on the planet. They have built businesses empires on top of spreadsheets. They have navigated complex regulations with pen and paper. We give them superpowers by helping them systematize their processes and then codify them in a way that creates value for their organizations.

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Who we are

We create new superpowers for teams. And we do it by developing web based software. Here are the core values you'll find in a Brand New Boxer.


We are wicked smart. In many ways we are all domain knowledge experts in the exciting fields that our clients work in.

But we also know enough to know that we don't know everything. So we make it a priority to learn how to learn. Every day we learn from each other, and from the teams we partner with. This keeps us pragmatic, helps us solve mountainous problems, and allows us to deliver real value.


We serve others, and want to delight them. There are a lot of great engineers out there who can solve really challenging technical problems. But if the solution doesn't align with our client's problems, it isn't worth much more than the thought exercise.

We swallow our pride and do our best to listen and understand other's problems. Working alongside other people is always more challenging and more rewarding.

No B.S.

We are honest with ourselves and with our clients. We value relationships and believe that clearly communicating goals, expectations, and the current status is the best way to maintain healthy partnerships.

We take responsibility for our actions. This makes success sweeter, and forces us to learn and grow from our mistakes.


We are always learning, always growing, and doing interesting things outside of work. We all have family and friends that we genuinely enjoy and want to spend time with. We have hobbies and passions (some are mainstream, others are pretty far off the beaten path) that we want to have energy to pursue.

We work to live a balanced life of curiosity and adventure.


We create new things from scratch that have never been seen before. Some days we are able to find quick and easy wins. Most days, however, are spent pushing our own limits so that clients can push the limits of their respective industry.

In order to ensure quality and promote growth, we pair program whenever possible, and every line code is reviewed by a peer before deployment. Almost out of necessity, we abide by the "release early, and release often" mantra so that we can forge powerful new tools as efficiently as possible.

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We would be thrilled if you had questions about opportunities or just wanted to chat to explore options.

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