More merch. Less table. is an ecommerce and fulfillment platform for indie bands, artists, podcasters, and YouTube weirdos.

A Merch Table to the World is an ecommerce platform for bands and artists - but they also handle product development, fulfillment, shipping, royalty payments, and more. This is huge for artists: after all, it's not like you're making any money on those Spotify streams. If you're an artist who has merch and wants to sell online, you should let MerchTable handle it for you.

Here Comes Everybody

We've also built Merchtable so it's ready to SCALE. With some big-name clients on the platform, the stores need to be able to handle big spikes in traffic and sales. If you've built a huge Instagram following, you can point those people at your new merch - and we'll handle all of them. We've built out new infrastructure that make it easier to spin resources up and down, to serve more customers and process more credit cards, automatically. All MerchTable needs to do is print the shirts.

Building a flexible design system

With hundreds of different bands and artists, we needed to add options to customize stores while maintaining a consistent, sustainable product. We added flexible layouts and store styles, and implemented custom domains that can handle complicated band-label-vendor relationships.

New tools for New Markets

We added new functions to let bands customize their marketing strategies: timed product releases, countdown timers, and advanced bundles and coupon configuration. A new admin dashboard allows bands and managers to keep an eye on sales trends.