PFS Database Update FAQ

Updated May 15, 2024

Did you get a scary message from ElephantSQL? Don’t worry. Here’s how we’ll take care of it for you.

You may have gotten an email recently from ElephantSQL, the hosted database provider that your group uses to store your PFS data. Don’t worry! They’re closing up shop, but we’re going to help migrate your data to a new platform.

We’re Brand New Box, the tech team behind the platform. We’re going to help transfer all your data to a new database hosting provider, and we’ll manage the process for you.

We’ll help by preloading everything in your account, and work with you to finalize the details.

What’s happening?

ElephantSQL is shutting down. Because the PFS uses that service to host each group’s database, we’re migrating PFS databases to a new host. In fact, we’re launching it ourselves.

Where should the data go now?

We’re moving to a data hosting service that we’ll manage directly - no more third parties. You’ll still own your data, and you’ll still have an account with the new host. The new database service will be configured to work directly with the PFS, so you won’t have any complicated setup process to worry about.

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything now. We’ll be in touch directly to help you finalize your new account one on one. We’ll also coordinate a time to migrate your data to the new system.

Is the monthly or annual cost going to change?

Probably. Some groups will be able to save money, some will need to pay slightly more. Market rate for equivalent services start at $110 per month, but we expect to be able to beat that price.

What will be different about using the PFS Online?

Nothing. You won’t experience any interruption in service, and your agencies and agency users won’t notice a thing.

Will my Agencies and users experience any difference?


Wait, who are you again?

We’re Brand New Box, a tech team that’s been building tools like this for decades. We’ve got loads of experience with managing secure databases for a wide range of clients, from HIPAA-compliant health referrals to government operations that manage billions of dollars in projects. This is our wheelhouse.

When is this happening?

Our current timeline looks like this:

New signups using the PFS will use the new database service and not ElephantSQL.

What if I don’t want my data to move from ElephantSQL?

Unfortunately, that company is closing up shop; you can export your data from Elephant, but you won’t be able to use the PFS Online without migrating to the new platform.

Who can I talk to for more information:

You can reach out to Matt Kirkland at

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