Week 908

Three days til Christmas! Everything's been slowing down this week, which has felt GREAT. Did I use that slowdown to do much that's forward facing? Not really, but I do feel very on top of what's happening. Did I contact anybody to talk thru my SOCIAL DUNS idea? Also no.

However! I'm at inbox zero for the first time in a while, which is a very nice feeling. It feels like breathing space to THINK proactively forward.

I did make a new revenue planning doc for BNB, and some forecasting on 2024 definitely added some peace of mind. Also relevant was that we got an expansion on Phosphor support, which is very nice.

We wrapped up design-only project with just a few minor changes. This ended up in a weird place; due to some organizational changes way above our contacts levels, this project got downgraded in emphasis. We still needed to do it, but the organizational appetite for it just vanished. It's disappointing to finish up work we're really proud of but knowing it'll likely be just shelved. But at the end of the day, we delivered some really solid work on a project and it can be useful to them if they come back to it. I'm still proud of what we made there, and it it's always nice for the team to get some reps in.

Another small project - really just an expansion of data collection on a platform we launched this spring - looks basically all done and under budget. These small tools will help the project team manage their workload with a lot less hassle, which is a sweet spot for something we make. A good feeling to carry into the new year!