Week 909

It's December 29, in that beautiful lull between Christmas and New Year's. Only a few BNB team members are working this week, and I've definitely told the team that I'm 'not here' for the last couple of days, even if I'm around.

This week at Christmas I was telling my aunt about this weeknote process and how I was/am inspired by the public weeknotes from people like Matt Webb. But I use them to process internal problems and reflections, and never figured out a way to make them public. But. But!

Maybe I should! I'm chewing on if I could make these public on BNB.com somehow in January. I'm going to play with it.

As always, we need to do a BETTER job at telling the world about the impressive stuff we do at BNB, and get over our midwest-aw-shucks humility.

So: what if we had a little minisite where I actually published these weeknotes? I think I can write these in a way that does a better job speaking outward, while not compromising anything confidential.