Week 910

Happy 2024! The first weeknote of the year, written a day early (!) because I know I'm out of the office on Friday. With Monday being the Jan 1 holiday, that makes a fairly short week. So: what did BNB do this week?

I made a new dashboard for my weekly scorecard that I keep. It's been one big messy google sheet for few years, but now it's a PRETTY google sheet with a little bit of styled reporting. I'm tempted to get a small monitor just to keep it running on my de

We launched a set of new features for the PFS system; these were a few months in the making, then piloting with select groups, and now they're available to all users. This includes some style and accessibility updates, some pretty new ways to print reports, and a big UX overhaul of the navigation and dashboard. It's a big improvement and I'm pretty proud of th

Other than that, I think the week was mostly steady state. Marching forward on the big (code name Robert) project and its attendant meetings. Design updates for a new social dashboard project. New features in Neu

AND! We did some last prep work for our next BNB retreat, which kicks off Sunday in New Orleans. I'm excited about this one; we have a lot of neat things planned and it's always nice to get more time in real life with people. Plus it'll be warmer than Kansas.