Week 914

Groundhog day!

OK, what happened this week? It's February 2 today, which means we ran a bunch of monthly reports and have a new bundle of data to look at. We're measuring new things at BNB (and measuring some old things more closely), so it's been fun to look at this data, especially my new operating dashboard.

As usual there's a long tail of small changes! That long tail is long, and I do really like looking back at that list and being impressed at just HOW much stuff we can get done in a week.

A big theme for me this week was speed: I didn't dive into any big projects, so I could practice replying QUICKLY to clients. And when those were requests for new features or changes, I threw that stuff immediately into our queue of work. That seemed to pay dividends: the broader team was also able to jump into and complete a bunch of small requests quickly. That's great!

But also not great; in the sense that it only works with someone sitting in a PM chair who exists to do that stuff. It's fun to be reactive and fast, but also doesn't move projects forward strategically. So either: we should put someone in an all-PM chair? Or just shoot for a balance, I guess!