Week 918

It's week 918!

OK, one of our favorite things is when we build new tools for clients (that's every day), and then they impress us with how they use those tools.

One of the tools we've built for Merchtable, the ecommerce platform, is a page-builder tool. The default layout in Merchtable includes a lot of flexibility to style the default layout, but you can't move things around much - the default layout is just a grid of products.

But with the page-builder tool, you can achieve a lot! It's got a lot of flexibility baked in, but it's always fun to see a store really use it.

So we were pleased to notice the new Guster merch store this week (and also fun to see a new launch from a band we listen to!)

Guster Merch Store

And definitely tempted to buy some music-themed... lard?

Guster Lard