Week 919

It's week 919!

We've been busy as usual this week. I think the most interesting thing happening was a request from one of our clients to do something new for them. Not just a new technology or design, but a new line of business.

We won't go into specifics here (yet!), but it's an interesting discussion! It's shaped like a SaaS business, and there's some interesting upside and growth potential - but it's also tied in weird ways to this client's specific requirements. So it's led to some exploration! I think it's fun to spin out business cases for new lines of work, but nothing really to report on yet.

What else this week? Ooh, the REALLY exciting one was a big presentation of Codename Robert! Our client did an hourlong presentation to the staff a few levels up and across at her organization, showing off a year's worth of our work on this big, exciting new tool. It was really well received, and very blush-worthy to hear our client say embarassingly nice things about us. "They designed a software that had everything I wanted, even though I could not communicate it. They figured it out!"

THAT's the kind of feedback we live for.