Week 924

It's Week 924!

One of the mantras I tell our team here at Brand New Box is: Loose Lips Sink Ships. That seems a little trite, yes, but I do mean it. Our official word is:

We DO NOT, in our official or unofficial capacity at Brand New Box, talk to journalists, cops, or other people's lawyers. This is not only about our confidential client information - of which we all possess a considerable amount - but it applies to everything, no matter how innocuous we think the matter under discussion is. This is not a joke.

We take our clients' info seriously. Some of our clients work in obviously sensitive areas (off the top of my head: mental health, multinational finance, big government agencies, actual defense contractors) and so their data and processes need to be guarded with care.

But even more than that, we strive to be thoughtful in all our communications. And communication is a huge part of OUR work - where we talk with a client to discover what software could do for them, and then build it along side them - so we need to do it thoughtfully!