New Years 2022

Small, sharp tools

If you’ve worked with BNB, you’ve heard us talk about Small, Sharp Software - an idea that we should build the most lightweight, precise tool we can to accomplish your business goals. And those tools should capture data in a way that plays well with others, and can be recomposed in ways that can adapt to new situations and processes.

We extended that idea to this year's New Year's Cards!

Cards Flat

This year we designed a series of small stamps that can be combined to form winter scenes - a kit of small tools. Each card could be unique! Our New Years cards are often a practice in taking something offline, and making a small, tangible product. This one is the first where each one is unique! This is the sort of thing that would be fun to algorithmically generate new layouts if we were working online - but even by hand, it was fun to mix and match the stamps to create new winter scenes.

I hear you asking: Matt, isn't it a lot more work to hand-stamp every card for your partners and clients, instead of just printing something? And to you I say: yes. And you're worth it.

Cards Flat