BNB New Orleans Retreat!

History, Food, and All That Jazz

In early 2024 the BNB team embarked on a 3-day journey to the vibrant city of New Orleans. Eager anticipation and excitement permeated the air as we looked forward to immersing ourselves in the unique culture of New Orleans, embracing its lively atmosphere, and tasting some of the delicacies the city is known for.

Day 1

Some of the team couldn't wait for some warm weather and arrived a day early for a night of food and jazz. At Orleans Grapevine we tried a variety of amazing dishes however the Creole Pasta and Surf and Turf reigned supreme.

Orleans Grapevine
The ambiance and food were spectacular!

After a lovely meal we walked a few blocks over to a staple of New Orleans live music history, Preservation Hall. The venue was intimate and the performance was inspired. BNB was lucky enough to have the first row, a prime vantage point for viewing the 5 piece band.

Preservation Hall
Up close and personal for some live Jazz

Day 2

The trip officially began Monday morning when the team met at the Old Ursuline Convent for some history and planning.

Old Ursuline Convent
The painted glass and scluptures were beautiful

We received a private tour of the adjoining church and even got to peek in their unfinished attic which they claim did not have vampires in it (we were unconvinced).

Church Attic
The convent's attic

The first meeting of our trip was in the Archbishop’s Private Library where discussions and theories of the past almost seemed palpable.

Ursuline Church
A lovely space to plan our year

After a quick walk, we stopped at Coop's Place for some cajun delicacies. Our team enjoyed Po-boys, Jambalaya, Gumbo, Fried Shrimp and the atomosphere of the packed restaurant.

Cajun Food
Just as tasty as it looks

As a remote team we rarely get the chance to work with our peers face to face so we took this opportunity to co-work at a local coffee show while we waited out the rain.

Once the team had ridden the storm out we spent some time exploring the city before we met up for dinner at GW Finns and a nightcap at Observatory Eleven Bar.

Dinner and Drinks
Lovely dinner and lovelier company

Day 3

We started our day at the Nations World War II museum where we had meetings in the Louis Armstrong dining room about the year ahead of us.

Meetings in the WW2 Museum

After our meetings we were able to explore the museum and learn some history before making our way to lunch.

WWII museum
Time to explore

Before we packed up and headed our separate ways we had one last taste of NOLA at The Little Easy where the cajun french dip was to die for.

The Little Easy
Last meal before parting ways
NOLA French Quarter
New Orleans was a blast!

Over an action-packed three days, our agendas were full, yet we departed with both excitement for the future of Brand New Box and a newfound affection for the vibrant city of New Orleans.