Farm The Garden

A user experience overhaul for music

Recently we redesigned FarmtheGarden which is a website featuring Primary Color Music’s curated stock music library. The new design not only improves the overall aesthetic of the site but also introduces several new features and improvements that are sure to benefit users.

We restyled the site by applying a simple but bold color scheme and clean typography. We wanted to reflect the organic and no-nonsense nature of a curated music library.

Garden Promo Shot

One of the key improvements is the redesign of a search function that allows users to quickly and easily find the tracks they are looking for. The search function allows users to filter by various criteria such as genre, mood, and length, as well as keywords. We put more emphasis on the search bar and improve the filtering mechanism. This makes it much easier for users to find the perfect track for their needs.

Licensing at the Garden

Licensing music is hard!

But not anymore. The website redesign has also introduced a straightforward process for licensing tracks. Users can now choose to request licenses outright by filling out a simple form. The slide-in effect allows users to access the form without having to navigate away from the search page.

Garden Pattern

In addition to these new features, we've also made several improvements to the user experience on the site. The redesign features a way to view alternate versions of a track so users can download the perfect length for their projects. We've also optimized the site for mobile devices so users can access the library on the go.

Our redesign not only improves the look and feel of our site but also adds valuable new features and enhancements that make it easier for our users to find stock music. Go find some jams yourself at

Garden Promo Shot